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Coworking spaces create a team environment where entrepreneurs can find their missing link and remote workers can seek advice from others. From accountants to web designers, you’ll meet others to support your growing business or career.

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I love the Village Hive so much! Being around other entrepreneurs motivates me to focus on my work, but it also allows me to network and collaborate with others. It also is a place where I can enjoy the best parts about working in an office. The sense of community and camaraderie with the other members is fulfilling for someone social like myself. Charlotte has created this magical place for business owners to come together.


Photographer, Pixelfix Photography

Love this place as it gives me a chance to escape from my home routine and work productively! I also really appreciate the staff that makes the working environment so safe and clean!
Olga P

Digital Marketing Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to assist you with any other questions you may have. Contact us today to learn more or for a free tour of our facilities!

What is the difference between coworking and office space?

Coworking is working in a shared space where there are desks or tables in a common area for members to work from. It allows for more interaction and collaboration between members, whereas in an office space, you have your own four walls and your desk.

What is the difference between a dedicated space and a hot desk?

A dedicated desk gives you your own desk and filing cabinet that is for you and you only. A hot desk membership allows you to work at any workspace in the designated hot desk area or lounge. It is first come first serve.

Can I work at other Hive locations with a coworking membership?

Due to current Covid restrictions, we are only allowing members to work from one location, but under normal circumstances, yes, you could work at our Duncan Mill Hive location for up to 4 days/month.

Can I use Eglinton Hive address for my business address?

If you are a dedicated desk member or full-time (Mon-Fri) hot desk member, you may use the Eglinton Hive address for your business. If you cancel your membership, you can still keep the address if you sign up for our Mail Plan. It’s great to have your business listed on Google!

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